STATUS AS ON 01.08.12







CMS will help better utilization of crew, preparation of pay and allowances leaving no scope of leakage, better environment and conditions of lobbies and ensuring the authorized employee is manning the train beside other benefits.


a. Sanction year of project


b.  Initial sanctioned amount

 Rs. 8.95 crores

c.  Revision in sanctioned amount      (if any)

 Rs. 38.16 crores


Nodal officers in CRIS coordinating the project

Shri Naveen Gulati, GM/CMS/CRIS

Nodal officer under CAO/FOIS

1. Shri Aneet Dulat , CPM/IT

2. Shri Y. K. Tyagi, Dy.CPM/CMS


Payment Released to CRIS

(Capital Head)

         S.NO.                                  Date                        Amount (Rs.)

1.                                   09.02.07                      6,24,00,000

2.                                   19.03.07                      1,26,00,000

3.                                   31.03.08                         21,30,000

4.                                   30.03.09                    11,95,00,000

5.                                   31.03.09                      5,00,00,000

6.                                   05.02.10                           6,00,000

7.                                   24.03.11                      1,57,50,000

                                          Total                     26,29,80,000

(Revenue Head)

         S.NO.                               Date                           Amount (Rs.)

1.                                  09.03.11                         35,04,580

2.                                  21.03.11                      1,75,22,899

                                                 Total                       2,10,27,479



 i.   Optimum and effective utilization of crew by maintaining inventory of all crews at home stations and at out stations.

 ii.   Effective scheduling and assignment of train crew by receiving information of train call and depending upon the type of traction and sections to be covered, assign the most suitable crew.

iii.   Monitoring road learning and training of crew to operate the locomotive of different traction and gauges.

iv.   Monitor 10 Hrs duty and HOER rules.

v. Schedule periodic rests.

vi. Monitoring of the crew productivity by calculating total hours of duty worked, total kilometres earned by each staff.

vii.   Serve as a tool for giving calls to crew in a most effective manner.

vii.   Act as a tool for making the crew lobbies more or less paperless.



  Scope - Location & Terminals

302 lobbies were sanctioned for commissioning of CMS Application, on the basis of minimum average of 36 sign on/off (per day). 



1. Freight

2. Shunting (including special pilot)

3. Coaching (including DEMU & MEMU on main line) 

4. SMS

5. Biometric

6. Quiz for running staff to improve knowledge

7. Others (abnormality reporting, MIS reporting, off line solution etc) All these modules cover allowance, booking & Circulars.


Software development agency



Software Development Status

1. Freight, shunting, Coaching, Quick (quiz for running staff), Loco inspector, Abnormality Reporting, Bio-metric and SMS Modules have been developed by CRIS. These modules have been released for field use except Biometric module.

2. These module yet to be stabilized.

3. New version 3.8.0 of CMS has been implemented.

TSS equipments commissioned at 342 =  (5 pilot lobbies + 147 lobbies of phase-I, 143 lobbies of phase-II & 47 additional lobbies of SCR/CR/SR/NWR/NCR/NR/WCR & ER)



1. Networking equipments delivered at sites.

2. Rs. 2 crore has been allotted for implementation of telecom works for CMS Project for the year 2007-08. Allotment of funds has been advised to Railways vide letter no. CAO/FOIS/98/Tele/CMS/Pt-I dt. 21.06.07.


Current Status of the Project.

1. Lump sum amount for civil & Elec. works and furniture @ Rs.1, 31,728 for BIG and Rs. 82,890 for SMALL lobbies have been sanctioned and intimated to Railway on 19.07.06.

2. 376+170 core implementers for all 16 Zone have been trained so far.

3. Training labs are set up at 5 locations-SSB (NR) & Mumhai (CR) have been set up and is functional. Training lab at MLY (SCR), TPJ (SR), Kolkata (SER) yet to come up.

4. Freight, shunting, Coaching, Quick (quiz for running staff), Loco inspector, Abnormality Reporting, Bio-metric and SMS Modules have been developed by CRIS. These modules have been released for field use except Biometric module.

5. Railway Board had sanctioned estimate for implement of phase – III of crew management system over Indian Railways” Rs. 20 crore vide item no 150 as for pink book 2011-12. 


Current Mile stone achieved

152 (including 5 pilot lobbies) of phase – I, 143 of phase - II and 47 additional lobbies have been commissioned up to 27.07. 2012.


Position as on date

342 lobbies (5 pilot lobbies+147 Phase -I + 143 Phase –II + 47 additional lobbies have been commissioned.



Stage-I of final phase of crew management system over Indian Railways covering 220 crew booking lobbies/location at the cost of Rs. 19.96 Cr. sanctioned by Rly Bd outlay for the year 2012-13 is Rs 5 Cr. Detailed estimate is under sanction at Rly Bd.

Stage-II, 100 lobbies, 67 trainings centres and 84 Zonal & divisional control offices. Provision of Bio-metric and BA device in already commissioned 295 lobbies/ locations. Abstract estimate of Rs.29.99 Cr. submitted Rly Bd on dt 23.01.2012.


Training programme  


A one day workshop for Core – implementers of CMS project have arranged from 01.06.2012 to 06.06.2012 and from 02.07.2012 to 18.07.2012 at CRIS Complex, Chankyapuri, N. Delhi. In this workshop, modifications, upgradations and provisions made through various versions in CMS project will be demonstrate. So that these Core – Implementers may further spread their learning/ upgraded knowledge to all lobbies.